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Monday, June 24, 2013

"If You're Here, Be Here"

It is a new week. Those feeling the post-CYIA lag will be teaching their first official set of 5-Day Clubs. For me, this was the routine every summer from 2008-2012. But not now. Now it is my job to return to a spiritually dark workplace and finish out my time as an employee, and this is to be my focus this week. Yes, I move Saturday, but I work Monday-Friday.

At CYIA, I was asked quite a bit of questions in pertinence to moving. It was no bother to answer the same questions, and it was certainly a joy to talk about my niece and nephew and the great things that are awaiting me in Arizona. But at one point, I had to refer to the one and only saying I truly appreciated from my karate sensei (I took martial arts for a short time about three or four years ago). He would always talk about maintaining focus, and when he did he would say, "If you're here, be here."

Well, I'm here still. So I'm going to be here. Some thoughts may be in Arizona right now, but my mind won't because I have a task set before me waiting to be done. And I will do it. It is not merely my job this week to be the best uncle, the best son, or the best friend I can be; first and foremost, I have a calling to be holy before God because He Himself is holy. And in that name, as a Christian, I am to "work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men" (Col. 3:23).

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