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Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm Here

One hundred and ten degrees is hot. Yay for the pool!

Though I don't have time to describe at length what has happened thus far, enjoy the pictures from the trip. I'll post some of the house interior as soon as I can.

 For those who don't know, Kansas City BBQ is delicious.

The Lone-Star State.

A rain storm we saw (and eventually drove into) in New Mexico.

A delicious breakfast burrito, compliments of John and Debbie 
Brown. Albuquerque is notorious for delicious spicy foods.

At one point in the trip I could see 7 miles of road in front of 
me. Who knows how far the mountains themselves were.

Arrival in my new state of residence.

First cactus (plural: cacti) spotting.

This Arizona mountain range, called the White Tank Mountains, 
is visible from the road that goes right by the subdivision I live in.

House, not home. =)

Somehow, the heat seems bearable.

To be continued.

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