"He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." ~Jim Elliot

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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fear is Fleeting

Being able to take time away from a job is a humbling experience and a challenge... and a blessing. I find myself texting much more, but I suppose that is because I left part of my heart (my brothers and sisters in Christ) in Indiana. More of my time is spent online, but that could be attributed to a desire to finish my course.

The true up side of this season in life comes from spending more time in prayer and in the word. Verses and passages of the Bible keep running through my head. They encourage me, comfort me, strengthen me - they help me make it through the day. Probing into each little phrase of a passage has caused me to explore God's word in a way I have only in part before. It is different, but it is amazing. Each little part has something useful for my life. It goes into my spiritual arsenal, and that's good because I sure need to stock up.

Life is a battlefield. It wasn't always this way - I wasn't born a fighter. But I was born again a fighter, whether I knew it or not. Christians are the most loving and hateful people at the same time. They are meek and ruthless. It has to be this way because God deserves to be worshiped and sin deserves to be killed, we require love and our flesh merits hatred, the lost need to be saved and the devil needs to be squelched.

What is your monster? (You probably have more than one). Devour them, or they will devour you.

No, an easy move and picture-perfect transition were never promised. But I wasn't born for what was easy - I was born again to love God, to make Him known, and to fight the monsters that try to stop me along the way even if I am nervous. Fear is not an option; it is a cancer. And through the power of God's word and His Holy Spirit, I will defeat it. Period.

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  1. Wow I truly needed to hear this... it is amazing and encouraging to know that you will keep staying strong :)


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