"He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." ~Jim Elliot

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Promised Photos

Lessons I've Learned from the West

1. Sunscreen five times in one day? The California sun DOES NOT CARE!

Yeah, I felt that one during the night. As can be seen, Toby had it worse than I did. It was well worth it though: first time I was in Cali in 18 years and first ever visit to the Pacific Ocean.

2. Worry not of what you can control not. Worry is pride revealed. It displays a lack of trust in God. Everything will be okay for people who love God, those who are called according to His purpose. (Hey, that  last part sounds good, doesn't it? It's like someone important wrote it).

3. The people at Northwest Community Church are - by far - the most welcoming church group I have every been a part of. It's great!

4. Nephew and niece are awesome. Period.

He loves my hat. =)

5. Even though living in a log cabin was pretty interesting, I greatly appreciate my house. Here's a mini tour of part of it.

This is my bedroom.

6. What I lost as far as scenery goes: cornfields, greenery, Bradford Pear Trees, the country.

What I gained: mountains, sunsets, Lemon and Orange Trees, Cacti, the desert, the city. I'll take it.

7. Sometimes we pray for good things, but God withholds them because He has something better. Such is the current case with my job situation. Pray that I would soon find a place to work so I can put some more money away toward college. And even more importantly, pray that I would have patience while I wait for God's perfect timing.

Enjoy the photos! Subscribe, comment, email me with questions and prayer requests: jmross94@gmail.com.

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